I am a possibiltarian

About Laurie

Laurie in a black dress

I believe every one of us has “more in me”. We are able to do more and accomplish more than might ever seem possible initially. I know for myself that I’ve accomplished a whole lot more than I ever dreamed possible. Here’s a significant example in my life that continues to have a huge impact.

I started running in my 30’s as an ‘easy’ way to exercise. I just needed running shoes. One thing led to another, and eventually I ran a marathon. Then a few marathons and eventually the prestigious Boston Marathon. Sounds easy when I say it that way doesn’t it? I assure you it wasn’t.

When I began running, I remember saying to myself as I looked at a picture of the start of the New York City Marathon, “maybe in my next life time.” It was

beyond what I could conceive for myself. I felt that running a marathon was as likely as me going to the moon. And Boston? No way! So how did I do it? You can read the details here however the ‘simple’ answer is that I had to dig deep. Persevere. And most of all, believe that I had more in me. Every accomplishment and every setback along the way was information to move me closer to this really big goal.

I attribute my athletic, professional and personal accomplishments to my possibilitarian and system disrupter approach to life.

Where your focus goes, energy flows. Be aware of your thoughts and choose your attitude for they generate your possibilities.

~Laurie Hunt

Being a possibilitarian is what fuels my ‘more in me’ attitude. What more can I accomplish? What else is out there for me? And for you?

Being a system disrupter means I’m naturally curious and ask a lot of questions. What if… how to…what else? And the big question underneath all the learning is ‘what’s possible?’

It’s important to say that I didn’t do it alone. In my corporate career, athletic pursuits, personal endeavours and in growing my business, I’ve had a community of people supporting me along the way. Mentors, coaches, friends and colleagues – a group of people from diverse backgrounds who have been instrumental in my learning. Because in the end, that’s really what finding your ‘more in me’ is all about – a willingness to learn.

And now, in my 50’s, I’m exploring the world of triathlon. Sound crazy? I thought so … for a nano-second…and then that more determined voice inside piped up and clearly asked, “hmmm, what’s possible now?” And what fun I’m having finding out.

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