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I’ve started a movement.
‘The More-In-Me Movement’
…Come join me!

My quest is to engage women around the world in finding their ‘More-In-Me.’ I want to hear stories from 1000 women by May 7, 2020.

Why 1000 stories? Because I want to learn what is at the core of finding more-in-me. Because I want to have an impact and need a really big goal that seems inconceivable to find more-in-ME!

Why May 7, 2020? Because I turn 60 on that day! Turning 50 was a downward spiral for me. I felt over the hill and the messages I received had me believe that it was too late to accomplish much more in my business, athletics or my life in general.

Since then I’ve had a complete turnaround in my thinking. I have come to realize I have so much more in me. As a result I’ve come to believe every person has more in them. Especially women.

Each of us has what it takes to make what may seem inconceivable, real. We can accomplish way more than we may realize.

More-in-me is an attitude. A perspective you choose. A belief. 

It’s a movement because I want to get people moving – literally- towards what they say they want in life, work and family. When you incorporate physical movement with will, focus and fortitude, you unleash the energy needed to get moving towards discovering your ‘more-in-me’.

Moving towards figuring out what’s possible for you. Moving towards fulfilling your dreams. And yes, actually moving. Walking, dancing, running, playing, and even skipping down the street. Moving your body helps overcome inertia. It creates forward momentum. The oxygen flowing through your veins renews your energy for everything.

Use the exercise in this free download to begin finding more in you.

Did you know strength training has a positive effect on your brain health?

Did you know movement with intentional breathing can improve your mood?

Did you know  physical activity has been shown to increase creativity?

What Does The More-In-Me Movement Entail?

I want to have fun finding more-in-me over the next 30 months as I entice you to find your ‘more-in-me’. In the coming weeks and months I’ll be rolling out a variety of programs, sharing research, partnering with colleagues on community programs and much more.

First, here’s the More-In-Me Manifesto that you can download and keep near to remind you to be wildly fascinated with where your ‘more-in-me’ might take you.

Second, download the Finding More-In-Me Exercise from the link above. This exercise enables you to have a look at your life from 8 vantage points and see where you are satisfied and where you’d like to create some movement.

Third, use the links below to connect with me on my various social media sites to find out about new initiatives as they are announced. I also want to hear your stories of finding your ‘more-in-me’.

The starting point is taking a stand by saying (out loud!) “I have more in me!” and being super curious about what your ‘more’ is. What it would look like… What it would feel like.

…And then, get moving!

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