Learning Opportunities

Listed below are some of the most requested speaking topics and workshops.

Mapping the Critical Relations in Your Developmental Network Workshop 2.0 hours

Mapping the Critical Relations in Your Developmental Network

Who are the people in your network that you turn to for guidance, feedback and support? Where are the gaps in your network? This learning module provides the opportunity to create a map and literally see your developmental network. You can then begin to look at your network from a strategic perspective.

Overcoming Energy Drainers Workshop – 2.5 hours

Overcoming Energy Drainers Workshop – 2.5 hours

Energy is renewable. Our energy levels provide the basis for our ability to function in our work, family and all aspects of our life. Energy drainers are typically related to things that we feel we can’t do anything about or situations that cause us to feel overwhelmed. To be motivated, we need to become aware of what drains our energy and the impact on our ability to function. From there we can start to see the choices that are available to us and identify actions to get us moving and energy flowing…

Mind Over Matter: The Power of Positivity Workshop 2.5 hours

Mind Over Matter: The Power of Positivity - 2.5 hours

We are the masters of our mind. What we say to ourselves, how we interact with others and how we view the world – whether positive or negative – is a choice we make. Positivity brings us into the present moment, enabling us to interrupt the patterns and habits that have formed over the years and make choices that will increase energy levels, open up possibilities and improve the likelihood of achieving desired results…

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